Instant Bank Transfer

Instant Bank Transfer

Make it easy for consumers to pay from their bank account

Deposits and withdrawals that are fast, simple, and secure without leaving your website. No more declines, chargebacks, or expensive credit card fees.

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Why accept Instant Bank Transfer?

The best bank account coverage

Don’t leave out up to 10% of the market. Instant Bank Transfer reaches up to 99% of all bank accounts in Canada—compared to the leading competitor at 90%.

The experience is frictionless

Consumers do not need to sign up for an account or install an app. Plus, they don’t pay any fees. They only need a bank account and a device–two things they already have.

Machine learning for risk

Instant Bank Transfer uses machine learning and AI algorithms to optimize risk strategies. We block fraud before it happens, resulting in best-in-class return rates.

High conversion rates

With a user experience proven with top merchants across North America, deliver industry-leading conversion rates for new and repeat users.

How it works in 3 easy steps

Grocer checkout screen on iPhone
Payment selection

Choose Instant Bank Transfer as your payment method

Bank authentication
 screen on iPhone
Bank login

Log in the same way you would on your banking app

Deposit confirmation
 screen on iPhone
Account confirmation

Select your bank account and confirm payment

Feature rich

Instant Bank Transfer offers a full range of features, so you can give consumers the best experience.

Woman smiling at her laptop in her kitchen
Verified withdrawals

We validate bank account ownership on withdrawals, so consumers can make secure payouts, regardless of what method is used to deposit

Couple laughing with a phone on the couch
In-experience deposits

Consumers can pay without leaving the screen. Whether playing a video game, funding an in-app purchase, or placing a half-time bet

Mouse and computer
One-click deposits

We remember the bank account used from the first transaction, so subsequent deposits or withdrawals can be made with a single click


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