International remittance

A natural extension

Traditional cross-border payments are slow, expensive, and have zero visibility. We understand that you are here to solve those problems, and we are here to help. Our simplified user experience is the perfect local extension of your remittance flow. We provide peace of mind with safe, secure, and transparent account-based payments.


With access to all the major Canadian payment rails, Paramount Commerce is the partner you need for pay-ins and payouts.

Banking relationships
We have strong relationships with multiple banks and offer 100% coverage of Canadian bank accounts
Risk management system
Our proprietary risk management system provides fraud, risk, anti-money laundering, and know your customer checks
Net settlement
Avoid costly wires transfers and pre-funded account floats by using pay-in balances to fund consumer payouts

A case study

Transferwise and Paramount Commerce provide support in the aftermath of a natural disaster

A case containing money transported with a drone
The goal

Remittances sent to people impacted by the natural disaster needed to receive funds as quickly as possible. The process had to be seamless.

The challenge

Transferwise saw a tremendous spike in volumes in the affected area. There was an urgent need
for people in affected communities to receive funds quickly and traditional payments were too slow and cumbersome.

The solution

Paramount Commerce took an “all hands on deck” approach, with all team members pitching in to handle the increased volume of payments. All consumer verifications, pay-ins, and payouts happened in record time to ensure all Transferwise’s customers were taken care of in their time of need.

The update

In the wake of a natural disaster, Paramount Commerce earned the trust of Transferwise. Today, we provide them with consumer verification and payment processing across multiple jurisdictions.

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