Casino Streaming: Building An Online Community

Casino Streaming: Building An Online Community cover

Casino Streaming: Building An Online Community

July 7, 2022

As the iGaming and sports wagering industry continues to grow internationally, it is incorporating several technologies to attract new players: a variety of payment methods, a wider selection of games, and also, something which has recently become popular, supporting casino streamers. Several gaming operators are teaming up with streamers to not only promote their platform but also support creators and their followers. 

The streaming site, Twitch, has become the most popular platform for casino streamers and viewers. According to stats from TwitchTracker, a ‘Slot’ category was introduced on Twitch in late 2018 as casino streaming started to become popular. By the end of 2019, there were almost 97 channels in the slots category with 13.2K active viewers on average. Now, there are more than 100 channels in the slots category where there are 1 million followers.

One of the most important reasons why streaming has become popular is because it provides viewers with a sense of community. According to an article by The Medium, streaming provides an “emotional value in the connection you share. You can look forward to new videos or scheduled streams and get comfort knowing they aren’t alone if they don’t want to be.” During the temporary closure of land-based casinos worldwide, many players missed the socializing component while gaming. Casino streaming provided the players stuck at home with that sense of community they were missing during the closure of land-based casinos—which explains the growth of casino streaming on Twitch.

Looking at the growing popularity of casino streaming, many gaming operators such as LeoVegas and Stake started showing an interest in streaming and sponsoring streamers. According to iGamingBusiness, LeoVegas “acquired a 51% majority stake in GameGrounds United, owner of the Casino Grounds streaming network.” Much like Twitch, Casino Grounds is a casino streaming community and website. Aside from investing in streaming platforms, many gaming operators sponsor streamers who help in promoting the operator’s platform while providing bonuses and special deals for viewers who sign up with that operator. 

As the gaming industry grows in Canada, casino streaming will also become more popular in that market. It’s safe to say that supporting casino streaming is going to be included in the marketing playbook for gaming operators looking to grow their platform. Casino streaming, along with payments technology and gaming selection, will play a major role in player acquisition and retention.

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